10 Educational Video Games Your Kids Will Love


Endless Ocean

Explore the world's oceans and waterways, learning about aquatic habitats and sea life. Your kids can become divers on an adventure with the L&L Diving Service that allows them to interact with -- and learn about -- all kinds of marine plant and animal life. Traverse the seas with unique and interesting characters, including a salty expedition leader, a brilliant scientist and a young, headstrong diver who's sure to lead you into mischief. Hunt for sunken treasure in the Manaurai Sea; explore underwater caves, trenches and even shipwrecks; discover lost civilizations; identify and learn about 300 aquatic animal species and collect sea creatures for your own virtual aquarium.

Endless Ocean and its sequel Endless Ocean 2: Adventures of the Deep are available for the Nintendo Wii. The games are targeted for kids ages 10 and up, and feature a two-player game mode so you can explore the deep blue sea right along with your kids.