5 Ways Technology Has Improved Family Communications


Getting Smart and Small

Smartphones give several options in how you can communicate.
Smartphones give several options in how you can communicate.

Smartphones are cell phones with muscle. They have operating systems for increased functionality and enough memory to run super cool apps. Need a quick weather fix? Use an app to check and see if that cold front will arrive before dinner. If snow is in the forecast, a quick text message will let the kids know you'll be picking them up right after school. Want a recipe for those thawed chicken breasts? Search online for thousands of ways to broil that bird to perfection, and then let everyone know you'll be eating in tonight.

The great thing about smartphones is that they're versatile -- like moms. Parents are always being surprised with unexpected challenges, like getting the materials together for a science project on an hour's notice or coming up with a quick, nonscientific answer to the question: "Why is the sky blue?" Smartphones help get the word out -- and get the job done -- whatever the family-friendly job happens to be. Having a handy helper makes mom less stressed and more fun when the going gets tough.