Are there risks to using a service like Mbuzzy?

Mbuzzy and Other Hook-up Sites

Perhaps the most confusing thing about Mbuzzy is that it's a hook-up site that doesn't quite advertise its purpose. Features like the secret stash, which seems intended for pornographic content, and the adult nature of most chat room messages make it clear the site is designed to promote sexual relationships. So why isn't that made clear up front? Perhaps more members are attracted through ambiguity.

The real risk of using sexually charged social networks is getting scammed. The sites themselves may use images of porn stars to lure in users. The users on the sites may misrepresent themselves. And the companies running sites of this nature usually build in some way to get money from you, be it from messaging fees or purchasing specialized currencies like coinz. The mainstream media often covers stories about the dangers of online dating. It's an easy target: Online dating sites are a relatively new phenomenon, and it's easy for unscrupulous people to lie online. It's also easy to overlook the fact that danger existed before the Internet.


The bottom line is that it's always important to be cautious, no matter the site. Even if you use a site like Mbuzzy with innocent intentions, make sure you're aware of how much personal information you're putting online, and think about whether you're comfortable with that information being accessed by strangers who may not have the best intentions.