5 Tips for Storing and Sharing Photos in the Cloud

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Stunning Images Win 2016 International Drone Photography Contest

Stunning Images Win 2016 International Drone Photography Contest

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Author's Note

This is truly a golden age in the era of digital photography. The technology just keeps getting better, cheaper and more innovative -- to the point where there are so many options and capabilities that your imagination is the only limiting factor.

The same goes for storing and sharing your images through the cloud. Now your images can be at your fingertips, anywhere you can find a 3G or WiFi signal. The potential for communicating your ideas and your vision of the world is now just a touchscreen away, no matter where you happen to be.

Not only are your sacred family images safer than ever before, but more and more people have the opportunity to see them. These days, there really is no reason that grandma can't see pictures of the new baby, updated daily, or even on the hour, for years to come.

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