What to do with a Broken Guitar Hero Guitar

guitar hero player photo
George Peters/iStock

Who doesn't like Guitar Hero? It's a video game that let's you reenact those sweaty teenage fantasies you once had about being a rock star. Guitar Hero/Rock Band is so advanced now that you can sing, play bass or drums, just like Planet Green's Tommy Lee. Sometimes, however, you may get to rockin' just a little too hard. The buttons can get jabbed too fiercely, the whammy bar can be overly whammied or the guitar can be just plain defective. Here are some suggestions on what to do with your rocked-out guitar controller.


1. Fix It

Some of the guitars for the Xbox 360 came with a defective whammy bar, but the bar isn't that defective. According to Kotaku.com, you can fix the whammy bar by loosening a few screws and adjusting the position of the motion sensors. Check out their diagram.

The Les Paul Guitars also have a design flaw. Find out how to fix those. If you're afraid to DIY, there are plenty of fix-it shops aching for business.


2. Repurpose It

Some folks at John Hopkins have repurposed a Guitar Hero guitar to help train bionic arms. Most of us won't be making bionic arms, but you can repurpose the guitars into real instruments.


3. Sell for Scrap

People are so into Guitar Hero that they are finding all sorts of ways to modify their Guitar Hero guitars. Modifications often require extra and spare parts. Ebay is a great place to sell your old guitars for scrap. You might be able to find a buyer for a closet full of outdated and broken guitars.