10 Unconventional Uses for GPS

Keeping Watch on People with Dementia
A company has devised a pair of inner soles with GPS tracking devices to put in the shoes of people with Alzheimers, who are prone to wander off. Rauluminate/iStock/Thinkstock

As the U.S. population ages, there are growing numbers of elderly people with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia. But their caregivers may have an easier time going forward, thanks to an ingenious application of GPS technology that conceals tracking devices in inserts in patients' shoes.

GPS SmartSoles, developed by footwear company Aetrex and technology firm GTX, cost $200 to $300 per pair and were scheduled for sale in summer 2014. The devices allow caregivers to call any time and get a wearer's location, or even to set up geo fences that will send an alarm if the wearer leaves a designated area [source: Schiller].