10 Unconventional Uses for GPS

Safeguarding Nativity Scene Figures
Two wise men look at Joseph kneeling, as Mary and Jesus are no longer there. They were stolen along with two other figures from a Nativity display next to Quincy City Hall, Boston in 2013. John Tlumacki/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Who could forget that painfully funny scene in the 1982 movie "Diner," in which Kevin Bacon's inebriated character happens upon a nativity scene from which thieves have stolen the baby Jesus figurine, prompting him to undress and climb into the crib?

Fortunately, we may not have to see a real-life repeat of that, thanks to the GPS tracking devices that Brickhouse Security, a New York-based firm, has been providing to churches and other religious organizations free of charge since 2005. If the Jesus figurine is stolen from the manger, the device will either send a text message or email the figurine's owner to let her know, as well as give off a signal so that police can track down the thieves [source: Schapiro].