10 Unconventional Uses for GPS

Mapping Your Daily Run On a Cruise Ship
One enterprising man tracked his daily run around a cruise ship and got a peculiar wavy pattern instead of the expected circle. David Fairfield/Phtodisc/Thinkstock

These days, there are a ton of websites where you can track the movements of cruise ships on various voyages. But how about tracking your own movements on a ship as its plying the seas? A triathlete and blogger who calls himself DC Rainmaker wrote in 2011 that, while on his honeymoon cruise, he became curious about how his daily runs on the ship's circular 10-laps-to-a-mile running track would look on a GPS map, since the ship also would be moving.

When he did a 3-mile (5-kilometer) run and then plotted the results on Google Maps, he found that he could see a peculiar wavy pattern, almost as if he was running in one direction but veering from side to side, instead of in a circle. But the ship's forward motion also augmented the speed displayed on his Garmin wrist running tracker. "The way I see it, I just set a new 10-mile [16-kilometer] PR [personal record] at 26 minutes and 12 seconds," he joked [source: DCRainmaker.com].