10 Largest HDTV Displays


The Biggest Portable HDTV

But what if you want a really huge HDTV that you can take to a friend's house, even if that friend lives 2,000 miles (3,219 kilometers) away? Well in that case you'd want to check out the iCONIC 100 HDTV, a 42 x 24-foot HDTV that's portable -- thanks to the semi trailer it rests on.

The iCONIC 100 has 1,008 square feet (93.7 square meters) of display area. You can also measure the screen's diagonal size as you would for a computer monitor. The specs? About 48 feet, or 14.6 meters. There's so much hardware in this unit that it weighs in at 72,000 pounds (32.7 metric tons) [source: ADI].

As if that's not impressive enough, this HDTV requires a built-in generator so as not to tax its clients' electrical systems. It also rotates 360 degrees so that it's always facing the crowd.

If you opted to rent this portable unit from ADI, you'd find that its crew can set up the TV less than 30 minutes, and that there's a full production room built into the trailer, too.