Myths About Mark Zuckerberg
Mark Zuckerberg

As the man behind Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg rocketed into fame almost overnight -- making people wonder what he's really like.

C Flanigan/WireImage/Getty Images

There's lots of chatter out there about Mark Zuckerberg. As one of the richest people in the world, and someone who made his fortune at a very young age, that's not surprising. It's also not surprising that many of us feel we know him pretty well -- even if we've never met him -- because we've seen the movie "The Social Network."

"The Social Network" portrays Zuckerberg in very stark, prickly terms. Many people who have seen the movie end up strongly disliking him, even if they also admire him a little for thumbing his nose at the status quo.

Of course, "The Social Network" is just a movie. And we all know movies, even biopics like this one, don't necessarily tell the entire truth. Furthermore, "The Social Network" was made without the cooperation of Zuckerberg or his close associates, with the exception of providing some biographical info and pointing out some of his past speeches [source: The Economic Times].

So what's the truth versus myth when it comes to hoodie-clad Zuckerberg? No one will know for sure except him. But here are five common descriptions of Zuckerberg that others strongly disagree with and say are made up, or pretty big exaggerations.