How EyeVision Works

EyeVision gives home viewers a better look at the action in events like football games.

Photo courtesy CBS

At most sporting events and concerts, people tend to want the best seat available. But where exactly is that seat? You could argue that the best seat is not even at the event itself, but in your home, watching the event on television.

Television viewers have always had an advantage over ticket holders when it comes to watching football games, as well as many other sporting events. Unlike most fans in attendance at the event, fans at home are able to watch spectacular or controversial plays over and over again thanks to instant replay technology. For the most part, the technology behind the instant replay has changed very little since 1964 when it was first debuted.

A technology called EyeVision has revolutionized the way we think of instant replays. This unique view of the action featured a camera "flying" around the field during plays. In this article, we will look at how the EyeVision system works and where you might be seeing it next.