How to Build a Computer

Buying Your Components

Now that you've picked everything out, it's time to purchase your parts. You have three options:

  • Mail order on the Internet -- All kinds of stores sell computer parts on the Web. Visit multiple sites to compare prices. Don't forget about eBay.
  • A big national chain -- Places like Tiger Direct, Fry's, and Best Buy have stores in many large cities that will sell you parts. They also have people on staff who may be able to answer questions.
  • Local parts retailer -- Any big city will have a number of smaller, local shops selling parts. Look in the Yellow Pages or online.

The people working at a shop like this can often answer lots of questions, and they may also be willing to help you if your machine does not work after you assemble it.

Now that you have your parts, it's time to build. This is the fun part.