Top 10 Ways to Make Money on the Internet


Designing and Selling T-shirts

T-shirt designer
If you come up with your own T-shirt designs using editing software, some sites will press the shirts for you and share profits when they're sold. heshphoto/Getty Images

As you walk around most high school and college campuses, you're likely to come into contact with lots of words. But it won't be material from textbooks or term papers -- those are probably in backpacks or sitting unfinished at home. Instead, they're the simple phrases or logos -- most of which are ironic or amusing -- printed on the T-shirts on the backs of the students.

Usually, the more unique and offbeat the design is, the more desirable the T-shirt is. The growth of the internet has made it possible for vendors to sell T-shirts all over the world. In fact, sites like,, and allow you to set up your own store, create your own designs and sell them yourself. If you can create your own shirt design with a clever catchphrase or come up with your own unique statement and people like it, you can start making money.

It's not an instant gold mine for most users. In the case of CafePress, for instance, you create a snappy design that finds its way on to T-shirts, hats, pencils, or whatever other doodads the customer might want. Because you're not paying for the physical product and simply providing the design, CafePress does all of the production and shipping. You get a small percentage (about 10 percent) of the sale. Some users wind up making a few bucks – but those with an especially clever idea (and good marketing skills) may make a lot more.