How to Recycle Remote Controls

A close up image of four different remotes placed on a wooden table.
Your old remote controls can be turned into different cool items. Peter Dazeley / Getty Images

Almost every household across the country has them -- boxes of unused remote controls for electronic devices that you don't use anymore. The next time that you clean out that attic, basement or crawl space, don't just shove the box back in the corner; recycle those old remote controls. There are a surprising number of things you can do with your old remote controls. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to recycle remote controls.

  • Space Zappers Just because you can't use that remote control to change the channel doesn't mean it doesn't have other uses. Give your old remote controls to your children to access alternate galaxies or control mind altering robots. The remote can be a fun, cheap toy to keep your kid occupied and imaginative [source: World].
  • Donations You may not have use for that remote control anymore, but there might be a family that does. There are many local charities that would be grateful to receive your electronics as donations to provide less fortunate families with gently used devices of their own. Make sure to check that the remote controls are still useable and then drop them off at a nearby charity [source: Goodwill].
  • Recycling Initiatives A number of electronics companies have started national recycling initiatives, asking consumers to recycle their used electronics by giving them back to the electronics companies. Companies want to do their part for the environment by incorporating a supply of recycled parts into the manufacturing of new electronics. Everyone wins when you donate your old electronics. You get a clean house and the manufacturers depend less on nonrenewable resources [source: Sony]. You can drop off used electronics of any brand at participating retailers or e-recycling drop off centers. You can also participate in a pick-up program [source: Sony].


Frequently Answered Questions

Do remote controls need to be recycled?
The components in remote controls can be recycled.