How Electric Motors Work

Motors Everywhere!

Look around your house and you will find that it is filled with electric motors. Here's an interesting experiment for you to try: Walk through your house and count all the motors you find. Starting in the kitchen, there are motors in:

  • The fan over the stove and in the microwave oven
  • The dispose-all under the sink
  • The blender
  • The can opener
  • The refrigerator - Two or three in fact: one for the compressor, one for the fan inside the refrigerator, as well as one in the icemaker
  • The mixer
  • The tape player in the answering machine
  • Probably even the clock on the oven

In the utility room, there is an electric motor in:

Even in the bathroom, there's a motor in:

Your car is loaded with electric motors:

Plus, there are motors in all sorts of other places:

  • Several in the VCR
  • Several in a CD player or tape deck
  • Many in a computer (each disk drive has two or three, plus there's a fan or two)
  • Most toys that move have at least one motor (including Tickle-me-Elmo for its vibrations)
  • Electric clocks
  • The garage door opener
  • Aquarium pumps

In walking around my house, I counted over 50 electric motors hidden in all sorts of devices. Everything that moves uses an electric motor to accomplish its movement.

For more information on motors (including how to make your own!), check out the links below.

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