5 iPod Car Accessories

Car Gadgets Image Gallery The dream that seems to elude so many of us: smooth iPod connectivity with our cars. See more pictures of essential car gadgets.
Photo courtesy Apple Computer, Inc.

Lately, it seems everyone has his or her own iPod. You can't deny how fun and versatile those little gadgets are. They're great for toting along on long runs to energize your exercise or taking with you on a walk to the store. What's more, many stereos sold today are built to be compatible with iPods, so you can rock out to your library of songs at home. Oddly enough, however, it's more difficult to incorporate an iPod into the car for your daily commute or long trips.

The vast majority of Americans spends an average of an hour and a half in their vehicle­s every day, and the ride is usually made more bearable with the radio or some source of music [source: Langer]. Unless you've got one of the latest iPod-compatible cars (or until Apple, the maker of the iPod, designs a car), you'll have to make do and figure out how to adapt your iPod to your vehicle.

­Your iPod and car may not get along now, but to get you started, we've laid out some of the most popular options and extras that can help you integrate the two. Overall, you'll have to consider three things: sound transfer, power source and placement. First and foremost, we'll start with sound transfer.