How the Verizon Hub Works

By: Jonathan Strickland

Verizon Hub Widgets

The Verizon Hub can play videos from the V CAST service at no additional charge.
The Verizon Hub can play videos from the V CAST service at no additional charge.
Courtesy Verizon

What really sets the Verizon Hub apart from other home phones is that it's also a computer. The Hub has several widgets that expand the phone's functionality so that it becomes a communications center. But the Hub isn't like a smartphone with an app store -- you don't select which functions you want. Instead, Verizon keeps a tight control over applications. While that might mean you don't have as many options as you would with a smartphone, it also means your Hub is safe from computer viruses and other malware.

The Verizon Hub has applications that allow you to check weather reports and movie schedules. You can access a Yellow Pages feature to look up phone numbers. Currently, the Hub can also access traffic reports for 37 metropolitan areas. There's also a map feature to plot out directions to a destination. If you have a compatible Verizon Wireless cell phone, you can send turn-by-turn directions from the Hub to the phone.


You can watch V CAST streaming videos on the Hub, too, turning it into a small television. Verizon has hundreds of video clips in its V CAST service. You can keep up with breaking news, view clips from several television series or watch a cooking show and follow along while making dinner. There's no extra charge for watching V CAST programming on the Verizon Hub.

Another feature of the Hub is its organizational software. For example, there's a call log that records all incoming and outgoing phone calls on the Verizon Hub's number. The Hub has a calendar function that you can use to keep up with scheduled events. There's a visual voice mail feature which lets you see who left voice mails for you, and you can listen to messages in whichever order you prefer. And the Hub has a contacts management feature that lets you store up to 128 contacts.

Verizon sends updates to the software automatically through your broadband connection. This gives Verizon the ability to continuously add more functionality to the Hub.