Top 5 Myths About Yahoo


The Yahoo Brand is Struggling

Yahoo is often lumped together with AOL as one of the dinosaurs of the Internet age. Yahoo was once the portal of choice for organizing and navigating the Web. Critics say the company lost its innovative edge years ago by grasping at failed side projects and bowing too easily to Google's almighty dominance.

If you read the business pages, you'll find almost weekly reports of Yahoo executives leaving or being pushed out. Then there are the aborted acquisitions, buyouts and partnerships with the likes of AOL, Microsoft and Google. All this bad news is enough to make you wonder if anyone even uses Yahoo anymore.

The answer is a resounding "yes!" Take a look at the traffic rankings at and see how many times a Yahoo brand website shows up at the top. Here's a sampling of Yahoo's current hits:

  • Yahoo News is the number one online news site, beating the BBC, The New York Times and CNN. My Yahoo ranks number five.
  • Yahoo Finance is the number one business and money site.
  • Yahoo Answers ranks second only to Wikipedia as the Internet's most popular reference site.
  • As of July 2009, the newly designed Yahoo homepage ranked number one on Alexa's list of "Hot URLs," and four Yahoo! pages made the top ten [source: Alexa].

It's also important to note that other popular sites, like delicious and flickr, are Yahoo properties, even though few people associate them with the yellow and purple portal.