Tom Clancys Splinter Cell: Double Agent Preview

Playing Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Double Agent brings in as many situations as possible to provide you with varied gameplay. Many levels aren’t simply sterile science labs or weapons bunkers; instead, you’ll battle your way through sandstorms, dust-filled areas, smoke and even underwater missions. All of these areas present interesting visual challenges as well as gameplay challenges. The sandstorm area, for example, conceals enemies, items, and more from sight with its blowing, shifting winds, so you’ll have to be on the constant lookout.

No Tom Clancy game is complete without weapons, and Third Echelon has provided Sam with some amazing technological gadgets for you to use. These gadgets are all based on actual weapons and items, but since the games are set a few years in the future, each has a futuristic twist. Many of these items can be upgraded throughout the game, allowing you to make use of more powerful gadgets as the game progresses.

Some of the levels have Sam joining forces with either terrorists or other undercover agents to complete mission objectives. These missions have you working with a computer controlled partner, which leads to some interesting problems for Sam. When paired with a terrorist, Sam will have to find a way to quietly sabotage their mission or accomplish some Third Echelon objective without his partner knowing. Likewise, when working with a fellow agent, Sam will need to be sure he doesn’t blow his cover, which can cause some tension between the agents.


A good strategy for Double Agent is to always keep on your toes. Enemies can appear out of nowhere, and no area is ever one hundred percent safe. You should also make full use of Sam’s special Third Echelon gear, especially items like the night vision goggles, to make sure no enemy goes unaccounted for. Also, as the saying goes, keep your friends close and your enemies closer. Because of Sam’s double agent duties, you never know when one of your decisions will cause your allies to turn on you. Be ready to battle it out with any character you were just working with at a moment’s notice.

Another good tip is to always upgrade your weapons and items when you have the chance. The more powerful your gadgets are, the better chance you have of staying alive and making it through each level. Be sure to always pick up any items lying around, as well, as you never know when you’ll need them.

Because Double Agent is set up to change the storyline depending on what actions you take, you should also think about how you want the other characters in the game to react to Sam. You might want to play the game through once making Sam the model NSA agent, never killing any innocent people and always working to take down the terrorist group. Then, you could start a new game and make Sam as sympathetic to the terrorists as possible, killing innocents and doing whatever it takes to keep his cover intact. Another interesting way to play the game is to try to balance the two paths, doing just enough terrorist activity to keep Sam in the good graces of his foes while still protecting as many innocents as you can.

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