The Phone So Secure It Costs $17,400

With a price of $17,400, that black-and-gold Solarin phone could be more expensive than the car you drive. Sirin Labs

What kind of sensitive information do you keep on your phone? National security secrets? A catalog of offshore bank account numbers? A list of puns you're waiting to throw casually into conversations, and a picture of yourself wearing bright red lipstick because you think it looks really great but you're too much of a coward to go public with it? We all have our hidden truths.

So maybe some of us are more likely to need an ultra-secure and hacker-impervious phone than others. And for those people, the Solarin phone by Sirin Labs could be perfect. It boasts the kind of security that government agencies use, including end-to-end encryption for emails, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calls and texts. It also offers detection and prevention services against network, malware and physical attacks. The Sirin Labs press release mentions a "Security Switch" on the back of the phone that the user can flip on to enter a "shielded mode." All for the low price of $17,400.

A bit more than your current flip phone? No fear; that's for the fancy gold model. As in, the model that has 18-karat yellow gold elements. You can also get the bargain titanium model for $13,800 if you're super cheap and don't care about carrying around a non-gold phone.

Keep in mind that it took the company two years and $72 million dollars to research and design the phone, writes Monty Munford at Forbes, and Sirin Labs is catering to clients who probably aren't just Snapchatting friends in class. Actors Tom Hardy and Leonardo DiCaprio showed up to the launch of the phone, presumably to get in on a phone that prevents their ultra-famous info from leaking to the general public. Although it's practically assured that they both needn't worry about their photos coming to light: No doubt they both look terrific in bright red lipstick.