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Students who wish to play more music than is included in the original Piano Wizard may purchase tracks online through WizardTunes.
Students who wish to play more music than is included in the original Piano Wizard may purchase tracks online through WizardTunes.
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The Piano Wizard Academy is sometimes called "step five" of the four-step Piano Wizard System. The Academy is a set of DVD lessons to help students make the transition from the game to a real piano. The Academy package comes with sheet music for either 20 or 50 DVD lessons and teaches more advanced piano-playing techniques like phrasing, dynamics and posture.

WizardTunes is an online service for downloading new MIDI songs to add to the Piano Wizard game. WizardTunes offers full MIDI arrangements of thousands of different songs across many musical genres: popular, classical, rock, country, religious, opera and children's. Songs include both right- and left-hand parts designed for more advanced students. WizardTunes only works with the Premier version of the Piano Wizard software.

There are different options for using WizardTunes. At the Bronze membership level, you only pay for each song that you download. The price of an individual song is $2.99. But there are discounts if you sign up for a monthly (Silver) or annual (Gold) subscription to WizardTunes. The Silver subscription charges $9.99 a month and allows up to five free downloads a month. Any downloads beyond the first five cost $.99 each. The Gold subscription is $59.99 a year and allows for 75 free downloads. Additional songs are also $.99 each.

Another related product is the I Can Play piano from Fisher-Price. The I Can Play piano is sold as a stand-alone keyboard that connects directly to a TV set. The piano comes with a game cartridge that includes eight Piano Wizard songs and two games. The game play is exactly the same as the Piano Wizard computer software. Students can choose from four different levels of play and whether they want to play with their right hand, left hand or both. You can also buy additional cartridges with more songs and games.

Fisher-Price also offers an I Can Play guitar that works like the I Can Play piano. There's a guitar-shaped controller that plugs straight into the TV and runs on cartridges loaded with the Piano Wizard songs. The Piano Wizard Web site says that a computer-based Guitar Wizard video game is currently in development.

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