How to Go Completely Mobile

Mobile Devices: Going Out

Phone technology has been radically downsized over the past century.
Phone technology has been radically downsized over the past century.
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To completely untie yourself from a particular location, you've got to be ready for anything. It's really not that hard, though, with all the mobile devices out there. To get started, you're going to need access to:

Mobile Talk

Chances are you already have a cell phone. It's pretty crucial these days for staying in touch, especially with the growth of texting. Stepping up from the simple cell phone, smart phones like a BlackBerry or an iPhone are ideal for complete mobility since they let you do so much more than talk. These types of "phones" actually encompass a lot of the functionality of the other devices on this list, like Internet connectivity, music and movies -- some even include word processing applications.

Mobile Computing

Computers are practically a requirement these days. Lots of people have two or three computers in their homes. They're essential for many jobs, and have become indispensable for such applications as e-mail, mapping, funny videos, networking and even finding a date. If you switch from a desktop to a laptop, you can do all of this from any location. This is true now more than ever, since lots of laptops are about as powerful as a desktop.

Mobile Internet

Want to trade stocks on the beach? Or upload a YouTube video from your cell phone? With an Internet-equipped laptop or phone, it's no problem. It's easy enough to log on from any Wi-Fi hotspot, but you don't even need one of those any more. Lots of cell phone providers now offer Internet access through the 3G network, either built into a phone or via a USB device that hooks your computer into the cell phone provider's network.

Mobile Entertainment

What home-theater systems were to the '80s, tiny handheld devices are to this decade. Instead of a stereo system, you can get a 3-inch (76-millimeter) MP3 player, a 7-inch (177-millimeter) DVD player, a hand-held gaming system and a TV-viewing application for your laptop. Or you can skip all that and just get that handy smart phone, which you can use to listen to music, play games and download video content.

There's only one catch with all of these great gadgets: power requirements. Let's take a look at some of the chargers you can find out there to power your completely portable life.