How to Print Directly from Your iPhone

The iPhone is a super-functional mobile device, but you still need third-party software in order to print from it. There are several kinds of applications that you can install on your iPhone to enable printing [source: Segan]. You have to download, install and configure the app, and then exit any other program to be able to print. Another option for printing from your iPhone is to e-mail yourself the document, picture, or link, and then print it from a computer. This is simple and reliable without having to download other programs or rely on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth [source: Merron]. Here are some ways to print from your iPhone, with a little bit of help.

  • Download one of the many printer apps available from iTunes. Once you install the app and you have access to a networked Wi-Fi printer, you're set to print. The program will communicate directly with the printer via Wi-Fi [source: Shea].
  • Download HP's app for your HP inkjet printer. Once you put your HP inkjet printer on the same Wi-Fi network as your iPhone you'll be able to print photos directly from your iPhone. If you want to print out text instead of a picture, simply take a screen capture of the text and print it out as a picture [source: Segan].
  • Install a printing app. Some of these apps require you to download, configure and simultaneously run the program on a computer that's connected to a printer. Other apps enable you to print on your home printer through an Internet account [source: Merron].