How to Get the Best Stereo Performance

Audiophiles know that there are a lot of factors that go into creating premium sound quality from your speakers. The first step is to purchase a high-end stereo system with good quality speakers, subwoofer and cable. But you would be surprised how much a few changes to your speaker placement and room setup will improve the stereo performance. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to get the best performance from your stereo.

  • Location Where you place your stereo is almost as important as the type of stereo you place. Your room dimensions are a major factor in determining sound performance. Experts have a number of suggestions when it comes to the room where you put your stereo. First, never put it in a squared room. Just like auditoriums and concert halls are rarely cubed, your home theatre shouldn't be either. The more irregularly shaped your room is with non-parallel walls, the better the sound will be [source: ACI].
  • Speaker Placement The distance and height of your speakers greatly influence the sound quality. The speakers should be placed as far as possible from furniture and at least 5 to 8 feet (152 to 244 centimeters) away from one another. Also, placing the speakers on the ground will significantly impair the sound. Instead, try placing the speakers on stands [source: ACI].
  • Furniture Placement Readjusting how you set up your room's furniture is a great way to improve your stereo performance. Taking your sofa away from the wall and placing it in the middle of the room will absorb reflections and provide you with better sound [source: Kindig].
  • Absorbing Reflections There are other tips for suppressing the reflective sounds in your home theatre. If you have large expanses of smooth surfaces, such as windows, doors and tiled or wooden floors, try covering them with fabric -- carpeting or draping -- to absorb the reflected sound [source: Kindig].