How to Find the Features on a Blackberry

Whichever Blackberry model you have, you own a sophisticated and useful device that can keep you connected to friends, family and colleagues on the other side of the world. The hardest part of using all the features on your Blackberry is knowing they are there to be utilized. But when you know where to look, you're sure to always keep on top of the latest advancements and features offered. Read the tips listed below and learn about how to find the features on a Blackberry.

  • Blackberry Smartphone The first stop for discovering how your Blackberry can work for you is going through the phone itself. Press the Menu key on your Blackberry handheld device and click on Open Tray. Your phone's features and applications will appear on the screen. Depending on the model and the data plan you have, the features may include access to multiple e-mail addresses, Blackberry Messenger, podcasts and social networks. If you have just bought a new Blackberry, familiarize yourself with the phone, and its icons and features. Your device does a lot more than dial phone numbers [source: Blackberry].
  • Blackberry Updates After you have bought your phone and been using it for awhile, you're entitled to free software updates. Simply updating your phone will give you access to new applications and features. You can choose to update the software through your phone or computer. Check the Blackberry Web site to see if your phone model has any updates available [source: Blackberry].
  • Technology Media Because of the popularity of the Blackberry Smartphone, many newspapers and bloggers comment on the features available to Blackberry users. Through research on the Internet, you might be able to discover features on your phone that you never knew you had. Technology sections of the major newspapers are fantastic sources for finding reliable information about your Blackberry gadgets, including how to customize your phone settings, tether your phone and archive applications [source: Sacco].