How to Connect a HD Video Source Using an HDMI Cable to a TiVo

With the advancements in home theaters, there's no reason to leave your house to enjoy on demand programming with high quality picture and sound. TiVo is a valuable device that provides you with the television shows that you want to watch when you want to watch them. Hooking up TiVo with an HDMI cable ensures that you're viewing crystal clear picture and superb sound quality [source: Kindig]. Read the steps listed below and learn about how to connect an HD video source using an HDMI cable to TiVo.

  1. Connect your TV source to your TiVo box. Take the end of the coaxial cable running from the wall and plug it into the jack on the back of the TiVo box marked Cable In. This cable can be secured in place by tightening the screw around the jack.
  2. Connect your TV to your TiVo box using the HDMI cable. HDMI cables are only one type of cable that you can use to connect the TV and TiVo. However, when watching TV on an HD video source, experts highly recommend using HDMI cables. One HDMI cable allows you to obtain high quality HD picture and sound, 3-dimentional video signals (only available with 3-dimentional TVs) and even an Internet connection [source: Kindig]. Connect your TV and TiVo through an HDMI cable by plugging one end of the cable into the jack on the TiVo box marked HDMI and the other end of the HDMI cable into the jack on the TV marked HDMI.
  3. Plug the TiVo box into a power source. Insert the electrical plug into a power socket and turn your TiVo box on.
  4. Turn your TV on and tune it to the input that you connected your TiVo box to. Follow the instructions given on the Guided Setup and you'll be ready to TiVo your television shows and watch them in high definition [source: TiVo].