How to Build a Digital TV Antenna

In the matter of a few hours, you can provide yourself with access to hundreds of digital channels. Follow the steps listed below and have your own, homemade digital TV antenna in no time.



  • 21 ½-by-2 ½-inch wooden board
  • 18 washers
  • 20 screws
  • 15 feet (457.2 centimeter) of wire
  • Reflector Grid
  • Balun


Here's what to do.

  1. Mark the wooden board You will be making four sets of two holes, as follows: two holes 2 inches (5 centimeters) in from the edge of the board, and two more holes every 5 1/4 inches (13 centimeters) along the board [source: Current]. Using a measuring tape and pencil, mark your 21 ½-by-2 ½-inch wooden board where you will drill holes.
  2. Drill the holes Drill holes into the board using the pencil marks as your guide.
  3. Cut the wire Using wire cutters, cut eight 17-inch (43.18-centimeter) pieces of wire. Bend the wires into "V's" with 7-inch (17.78- centimeter) sides and a 3-inch (7.62-centimeter) gap between the two legs of the "V."
  4. Attach the wires to the board Attach the wire "V's" to the board with screws and washers, using a screwdriver.
  5. Zigzag the wire to attach the connections Using more wire, connect the "V's." Coil the wire around the screws moving in a zigzag pattern across and down the board. Make sure the wires don't touch where they cross one another.
  6. Attach the reflectors Secure the reflector grid to the back of the board using screws and washers.
  7. Attach the Balun The Balun has two wires with screw holes. Feed a screw through the holes. Secure the Balun to the zigzagged wire by screwing it into place. Make sure the wires don't touch where they cross one another [source: TV Antenna].