Home Theatre Projects

1. People

  1. Is your home theater professional certified by the Custom Electronic Design and Installation Association? This international trade association has 3,000 company members worldwide that specialize in designing and installing electronic systems for the home. You can find a certified professional by visiting www.cedia.net(Note: by clicking on the link you will be leaving the Discovery Design Center.)
  2. How many people will be the primary users of your home theater? The answer could influence your seating choices. If it’s just the two of you with occasional visits from the grandkids, then don’t dump most of your budget on stadium seating. On the other hand, if you have a family of six with frequent weekend movie parties, perhaps tiered seating would be worth the investment.
  3. What are your interests? Do you watch mostly sports? Movies? If you answered  “yes” to both, maybe you need more than one screen. Are you a music buff? If so, it could impact the kind of speakers you’ll buy.
  4. Are you comfortable with technology or technically challenged? Be upfront about your level of knowledge. The professional installer can customize a remote control system to suit your needs. And by the way, don’t skimp on the controller. Buy one that does it all, and pay to have it custom programmed. When done right, a remote control should operate everything with just a few button pushes.