HowStuffWorks Visits Bungie Studios

A Taste of Campaign

The multiplayer was fantastic. I kept forgetting I could wield dual weapons, but when I did remember it was a sweet symphony of destruction. After several rounds of Team Slayer, we played Oddball with rockets only, on this one map in some kind of factory with a gravity lift on one end. Players could use the gravity lift to leap ridiculously high into the air. The great thing was that blasted bodies would periodically get thrown into the lift and spat up into the air. You would be locked in a rocket fight and then out of no where a dead body would come raining down. Good clean family fun!

After some more interviews, it was time for the moment I had been waiting for all day. It was time for a little one-on-one with the Chief. Campaign mode.

Alta sat me at a desk with an Xbox, a controller and a TV. After it fired up, I heard that sweet, sweet music. I sat down, created a profile, turned up the volume, and accidentally changed the channel on a TV that they had lost the remote for some time ago. Go Robert!

After setting me up for a second time and adding me to a list of journalists who aren't allowed to touch anything in the studio, I was ready to go again. I was playing "Halo 2."