HowStuffWorks Visits Bungie Studios

I Get Schooled

Pete and Agnes wanted to make sure that I got an opportunity to see the game in action. First up -- a few rounds of multiplayer. When the game call went out, it was like someone rang the dinner bell. Bungie staffers practically leapt over desks to get to the multiplayer area.

After the rush, I took the last available seat. They were gracious enough to find me an old-school Xbox big controller because I can't play "Halo" on the S-controller. I created a profile, inverted my controls and it was on.

Now, I'm no slouch at "Halo," but playing multiplayer "Halo 2" with fifteen guys that helped to create the game ... how to say this ... I got worked. I got dusted. It was like I wasn't even there. What did you expect? Playing "Halo 2" multiplayer with the guys at Bungie is like playing paintball with Navy SEALs.

Even more impressive was the guys' string of expletives. They communicate during games using some odd in-house dialect of English that I'll just call Bunganese. They take trash-talking to a new level, as they rip on each other not only for game skills, but also for their own work in the game. I actually heard someone defend themselves by saying "You're not ripping on my geometry. You better not be ripping on my geometry." I don't even really know what that means.