HowStuffWorks Visits Bungie Studios

First Contact

The first Bungie person I met was administrative assistant Alta Hartmann. She was a delightful woman with a beautiful smile that poured enthusiasm into everything she said. As we chatted, I made a mental note that I would bet Alta was largely responsible for holding Bungie together. Alta told me how the team had only just gotten their retail copies of "Halo 2" and how much she and her boyfriend enjoyed playing the game at home.

She went on to explain how exciting it was around the studio these days, so close to launch. She likened the vibe around the office to planning a wedding and then remembered she had to order food for the office launch party. I made a second mental note that my first mental note was undoubtedly correct.

From around the corner I heard a familiar voice. Pete Parsons strolled into the reception area. I had recently interviewed Pete on the phone. It was great to meet him in person. After excusing himself, and I quote, "to the little Master Chief's room," Pete promised me a tour of the studio when he returned.

Agnes and Alta ducked out for a minute leaving me alone in the reception area. I pored over the trophy case. "Game of the Year", "Best of Show" and the like adorned every trophy in the case. Then the full gravity of the situation hit me. I realized I was standing in the beating heart of the Halo universe and I was about to meet the people behind this legendary game. I realized that today, the day after the election, I was going to play "Halo 2." I realized that they were millions of people who would kill to be in my shoes right now. I realized my fly was down. Sometimes I hate myself.