Halo 2 First Hour


You would have thought that the very secret of life itself had come in the mail when I screamed around the corner of the office with the package in my hand. Inside was our advance copy of "Halo 2." Yes, my job rules. All cubicles were abandoned and everybody gathered around to watch me play "Halo 2" for my first hour review.

Hail to the Chief Hail to the Chief
Hail to the Chief
Photo courtesy Bungie

The box is beautiful. Bungie sent me the regular edition that shows MC crouched on the rubble of a burning Earth. I leafed through the instructions that set the story by relaying excerpts from Cortana's reports. The following pages show new weapons and new baddies, but, as we all well know, there's going to be way more than what they show. I popped the disc in and began. My hour starts.

Like an old friend you haven't seen in years, the second "Halo" looks familiar but is different enough to make you excited for your reunion. This starts right at the menu screens. The interface for creating a new character is different. It offers much more customizable armor. You can also choose to be a Covenant Elite (for multiplayer). After opting for a grey and tan color scheme and picking the 7th Column emblem (heck yeah!), it was on.