8 Great Projects to Reuse Old Cassette Tapes

Purses, Bags, iPod Covers and Business Card Holders

2. How about turning a tape into a protective cover for your iPod? You can gut it and fit it to your device in a proper homage to the music of decades past.

3. If you'd rather have a soft case for your iPod, knit one up with the tap ribbon!

You can even get two purses out of a few cassette tapes.

4. Use the exterior of the cassette to create a cute coin purse—similar to making a purse out of a book.

5. Then use the ribbon to knit or crochet up an evening bag.

6. You can even get fancy and crochet up a zippered clutch.

7. If purses aren't your thing, what about a business card holder for your green business cards?