How the LG Styler Works

Author's Note

When I lived in my college dormitory, laundry became a footrace of epic proportions. Everyone in the building used the same 10 washers and dryers, so to even find an available machine during peak hours was a minor miracle. If you lucked out, then the real race began.

No one wanted to sit and wait for each cycle to end, so people would invariably wander back to their rooms. But very few people learned to time the machines just right, and the house rule was this -- if you weren't present when the cycle ended, the next person in line had the right to pull out your clothes and pile them onto a table.

Oh, the wrinkled, damp messes that resulted. Laundry might not be a footrace these days, but a Styler would simplify things even further. We can't all have a Styler, but we can definitely all dream.

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