What is Google Goggles?

Author's Note

Oh, I remember the old days -- when we all had to search the Internet using clumsy keywords, along with a dash of luck, to locate online information. Goggles heralds a new age, in which we merely have to point an electronic device at something that piques our curiosity in order to find out all about it.

Currently, Goggles relies solely on smartphone cameras to see the world around us. But in the very near future, another Google project, called Project Glass, could add to or replace the Goggles experience. This still-experimental project involves wearable, augmented-reality glasses. The glasses essentially replace your smartphone, showing you new-message notifications and calendar reminders, all while offering more information about the objects, businesses and landmarks in front of your eyes.

Both Goggles and Project Glass are signs of things to come. Before long, we'll take in as much of our world through digital eyes as we do through our analog ones.

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