Top 10 Fantasy Father's Day Gifts


Father's day has been a tradition in the United States for over a century, and it became a national holiday in 1972 when President Richard M. Nixon made it official. On the third Sunday each June, we all take a day to celebrate Dad.

Since then, Father's Day has settled into a little bit of a rut. You get Dad a card, maybe take him to dinner, and you buy something Dad-friendly like a tie, a razor or a new tool. Perhaps you throw in a gift card so he can go buy himself something manly.


These are all nice gifts. But what if you could pull out all the stops for Dad? In fact, what if you were to disconnect from reality for a few minutes and wildly fantasize? What would the ultimate Father's Day look like if you let your imagination run wild? Here's a Top 10 list of the ultimate Father's Day gifts.



At the top of the list would have to go something new for Dad's toolbelt. We're talking about something that makes a chainsaw look like a butter knife and handle those home pruning chores with a flick of the wrist. A lightsaber is something that every Dad needs in his toolbox.



What about giving Dad a way to get rid of those bothersome chores? Mowing the lawn, taking out the trash and washing the car might all be things of the past with the right robot. Take ASIMO for example -- the humanoid robot.


Jumbo TV Screens

Maybe Dad really wants the ultimate TV. Sure, 60-inch screens are nice, but they are getting pretty passé. So how an 800-inch screen as big as a barn?That will get the neighbors' attention for sure.


Invisibility Cloak

Sometimes Dad just wants to get away from it all. What if there was a way to do that without actually going anywhere? Dad could just slip on his new invisibility cloak.



Nothing makes a Dad smile more than a hot set of wheels. Why not go with the most impressive wheels ever conceived: the Batmobile.


The Flying Car

If wheels won't do and Dad wants to get above it all, then perhaps you are looking for a flying car instead. Perfect for commuting between the home and office in style.



What if Dad likes to tool around in the back country but he has no idea what the weather is going to be? Then the Hyanide motorcycle is just what he needs. It's a dirt bike, an ATV and a snowmobile all rolled into one.


Personal Air Vehicles

A personal air vehicle would be perfect for those really long commutes in great weather. Imagine Dad landing one of these in the parking lot of his office!


F-18 Fighter Jet

If the office is farther away and you want to get there fast, then Dad maybe Dad  needs is a supersonic jet. If that's the case, then the F-18 might be just what the doctor ordered.


Gibbs Aquada

If Dad likes to hang out on the water, then maybe you want to get him a boat instead.  But the Gibbs Aquada is even better than a boat -- it's a car that converts into a boat, so you can drive right to the lake and  take to the water.

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