10 DIY Projects for Tech Nerds

Concert Hall Earmuffs
"If only I could have warm ears AND my favorite tunes." You can! © Anna Omelchenko/iStock/Thinkstock

Earbuds are a great for music, but not so great for keeping your ears warm. Combine your earbuds with earmuffs and you'll have cool music on even the coldest days.

Even with novice sewing skills, you can add earbuds to just about any earmuffs. Be advised that with this project, your earbuds won't actually go into your ear canal. Instead, they'll rest behind a layer of fabric, in essence turning your earmuffs into old-school headphones.

Basically, you'll nestle the earbuds into the center of each side of the ear muffs. Then, cut a circle of felt to fit each earpiece. You can use a matching color or go for contrast to score additional fashion points. Rest a felt circle over each earbud and then use thread to sew each circle into place, sealing the earbud so that it can't shift. Then repeat for the other earbud.

You may have to crank up the volume a bit more than normal to hear your tunes, but your ears will stay warm and you'll never worry about misplacing your earbuds again.

Need to keep your whole noggin toasty? Follow the same directions, but stitch your earbuds into a warm winter hat.