10 DIY Projects for Tech Nerds

Upcycled Laptop Bag
The bags that hold your groceries today could be a cool laptop bag tomorrow. © Santa Rosa Press Democrat

You have a trillion plastic grocery sacks in your house. Their days of hauling bread might be over, but you can put them to use again by making a custom laptop case.

In short, you'll take those bags, melt them together to make thicker layers, and then sew various pieces together to make a sturdy (and eco-friendly) carrying case. If you want, you'll even line the inside with a computer-snuggling liner made of whatever soft fabric you have laying around.

To start this project, gather together a lot of plastic bags, some wax paper and an iron. Trim the handles and bottoms (just the seams) from your bags. Fold a bag twice, which creates an 8-ply layer of plastic. Then squish the bag between two sheets of wax paper and at a medium heat setting, apply the iron to melt the bag into one sheet of plastic.

Repeat this process so that you wind up about 10 to 15 fused pieces of plastic. Then, with a sewing machine, you'll connect each section to another, creating a long blanket of plastic pieces. After you've sewn those pieces together, fold it in half and make sure it's long enough for your laptop. Then sew up the sides. If you want a cushy liner, cut some fabric to fit and secure in within your plastic creation using glue.