10 DIY Projects for Tech Nerds

Smartphone Screen Protector
Protect your smartphone screen from scratches with a little ingenuity. ©Wavebreak Media/Thinkstock

No matter how tough or scratch-resistant a manufacturer might make its smartphone screens, there's still a good chance that yours will collect ugly scratches and scrapes. Model-specific screen covers are often crazy expensive -- $10 or more depending where you look.

Rather than blow cash unnecessarily, make your own screen protectors for almost nothing. Visit your favorite big box store's fabric department or dedicated fabric store and ask for the thinnest clear vinyl they carry. You should be able to procure a whole yard for just a few bucks.

Cut the vinyl to fit and trim out holes for your device's physical buttons. Then just apply the film and use a credit card to push out any air bubbles from under the plastic, and your homemade screen protector is complete. Best of all, you'll have plenty of leftover material for other devices or to replace your protector whenever necessary.

Now that you've seen our 10 favorite projects for getting your nerd on, it's time to get busy. Pick the ones you like best, and the next time you feel like getting geeky, you'll have plenty of ideas to choose from.

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