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A Greener Gaming Machine
Gaming computers are infamous for demanding a lot of power, but there are ways to green your machine. © photovisionllc/iStock/Thinkstock

Forget tablets and smartphones; they're ponies. When it comes to play time, full-sized gaming computers are the true thoroughbreds. They're bigger, faster and more powerful than any other type of computer you'd find in most homes. And they aren't the most eco-friendly machines.

During a high-speed gaming session, these computers can suck down hundreds of watts worth of power, all in the name of running fast CPU, graphics processors and other high-end components. But there are ways to green your machine.

You can start by selecting components that devour less wattage, which is easy to do for a custom-built computer with parts that you select. Manufacturers are more sensitive to green concerns these days. Nvidia and AMD, for example, both produce power-sipping products for a variety of computing purposes. ASUS unleashed its Ge-Force GTX 650-E, a high-end graphics card for all sorts of gaming needs, which requires only around 60 watts at peak power.

And let's not overlook some of the most obvious pointers. Turn off your electronics when you're not using them. Or at the very least, use the power management features in your operating system so that your machine drops into low-power standby mode when idle.