How Contact Lens Displays Work

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Robert Lamb, Senior Staff Writer
Robert Lamb, Senior Staff Writer
HowStuffWorks 2009

I first started wearing contact lenses in high school and, at the time, they seemed magical. Suddenly, I was free of the eyeglasses that had helped seal my nerd status among the bullies and jocks of junior high school. Never mind that I went ahead and obsessed about "Magic: The Gathering," H.P. Lovecraft and sci-fi movies anyway.

Contact lenses liberated me on a very superficial level, but just imagine what functional contact lenses might have allowed me to do. Studying? No need, I'll just let my contact lenses fill in the blanks. Memorization? All the notes are floating in front of my face. Although my early awkwardness around girls might have been unavoidable, appropriate micro-expression sensitive software might have allowed me to better read their perplexing ways.

Here's a closing thought: What happens if you wear a pair of high-tech lenses inside-out?

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