Are there really condoms with QR codes?

Yes, There's an App for That – and That, Too

Condoms with QR codes have been used in Sweden, with less concern about privacy.

In the summer of 2011, the Swedish ad agency Ester started a campaign to try to increase condom use among young people in that country. They gave away 50,000 condoms called Condom08, including a QR code in the packaging. When scanned, the QR code led users to a smartphone lovemaking app. The app's mobile Web site encourages users to open the app, to use a condom, and then put the smart phone on the bed so that it could record rhythm, sound and duration of the users' sexual acts. Once they were done, users were invited to fill out a personal profile. On the Web site, called The Sex Profile, people can compare how they measure up to others who have participated.

Then Ester used the results and comments for posters and billboards in Stockholm with such messages as "Restless Brunettes Are Losing Speed" and "Jazzy Gemini Endured 3 Minutes This Morning" [source: Bangstyle]. News reports said that 5,900 Swedes participated in the campaign in the summer of 2011.

Much like the Planned Parenthood project in the United States, this campaign's main aim was to make condom use seem fun.