The 5 Cheapest & Easiest DIY Laptop Stands (That Are Actually Cool)

Floppy Disks

Cost: $0-$5 (if you're short on popsicle sticks and glue...)

Time: A lot...]

This is one of the most wonderfully geeky stands we've seen, and it's a great reuse project! While the cost is low, the time and effort are high - but I think it just might be well worth it! The materials include 82 floppy disks (if you've been slow to clear out your computer desk drawers, you might have this many; if not, I'm certain putting a collection call-out to friends will get you the number you need in no time), a cardboard base, popsicle sticks, and glue. It's an easy, straight forward project that can probably be done while watching your favorite television shows a few nights in a row.

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