5 Awesome Gadgets That Never Made It

Which awesome gadgets join these electronics on the scrap heap?

When I go to CES -- that's the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada -- I like to pretend I'm Indiana Jones exploring ancient ruins. Each step could bring me to a new adventure. Whether it's sneaking into a booth demonstration to catch a glimpse of a gadget prototype or dodging out of the way of a horde of hungry journalists rushing a buffet table, I'm ready.

Another similarity between me and Dr. Jones, apart from the fedora I insist upon wearing while at the convention center, is that we're used to nearly getting our hands on something special only to have it ripped from our grasp at the last moment. For Indiana, it was the statue that Belloq stole. For me, it's a collection of devices that, despite their initial impact on the show floor, either fizzled out in the market or never even made it to store shelves.

A few trips to CES will teach you how to keep your enthusiasm in check. Here we have a collection of some of the coolest gadgets I've encountered that subsequently disappeared under mysterious circumstances.