10 Must-have Gadgets for the 2012 Holiday Season

Zenith El Primero Stratos Watch
If the Stratos can handle conditions like this, chances are it can withstand most Earth-bound extremes. Getty Images News

In October 2012, Felix Baumgartner became the first human to break the sound barrier in free fall. Millions held their breath as the adventurer jumped from a balloon 24 miles (39 kilometers) above Earth. He reached a speed of 833.9 miles per hour (1,342 kilometers per hour). During the historic jump, he was wearing a Zenith Stratos watch (Zenith was one of his sponsors) [source: Heaton].

This holiday season, someone on your gift list can own that same model watch: the "El Primero Stratos Flyback Striking 10th Tribute to Felix Baumgartner." It makes a great conversation piece, and it's a handsome luxury watch for everyday use, too.

The back of the Stratos is engraved with Baumgartner's motto: "Learn to love what you have been taught to fear." The markers and hands on the dial are luminous for reading in low light -- on the edge of space or elsewhere. Some additional stand-out features: The face is covered with a durable sapphire crystal, the chronograph is accurate to a tenth of a second, and the flyback feature lets a user restart timing intervals with the push of a single button, no stopping and resetting required.

The recipient of a Stratos can rest assured that the watch has proven to withstand extremes of temperature, pressure, speed and impact. It's definitely a high-end gift -- the price is in the $10,000 range -- but one that's both commemorative and useful.