10 Must-have Gadgets for the 2012 Holiday Season

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Virtual Reality Helps Distract Kids from Painful Medical Procedures

Virtual Reality Helps Distract Kids from Painful Medical Procedures

Virtual reality makes it easier — and a little more fun — for sick kids to deal with painful medical procedures. Find out more at HowStuffWorks.

Author's Note

We all absorb cheer around the holidays -- getting together with friends and family, enjoying traditional celebrations. But for children, it's a truly special time. In fact, much of the enjoyment of the season springs from our nostalgia and memories of our own childhood anticipation and joy.

Researching this piece made me think that the principal quality of a good holiday gift is its ability to evoke that sense of childlike wonder. Not whether it's needed or useful, but whether it fascinates. Something new, something clever, something wonderful.

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