How Digital Thermometer Pans Work

Using Digital Thermometer Pans

You can avoid burned pancakes by using the digital thermometer pan.
You can avoid burned pancakes by using the digital thermometer pan.


­Certain sets of ingredients can survive in only a narrow range of temperatures. Consider, for instance, the pancake. Pancakes are a staple of the modern breakfast, usually accompanied with sunny-side-up eggs and crispy bacon. Perfectly prepared, pancakes are thin, but substantial; soft, with a faint crunch on the edges; and heated until golden brown. Achieving this level of pancake excellence takes time and a watchful eye. But the first step toward reaching those heights of breakfast glory starts with the stove.

If you don't warm your griddle enough, the pancake batter will sit lifelessly on the surface. That extended period on the stove will produce tougher, chewier pancakes than desired. On the flip side, if you heat the eye too much, the pancake will cook quickly on the outside and leave you with a mushy, batter-filled interior. According to, you should warm the griddle or frying pan to 375 degrees Fahrenheit (190 degrees Celsius), at which point a water droplet will sizzle and pop when it strikes [source: Anderson].

The Digital Thermometer Pan eliminates the guessing game of determining when the pan is ready. Instead, all you have to do is wait for the digital thermometer screen on the handle to display that lucky number: 375. And the Digital Thermometer Pan doesn't discriminate between temperature scales. Your Canadian friends can cook their pancakes with ease since it also gives the reading in Celsius.

In addition to knowing when to throw your food on the fire, the Digital Thermometer Pan also prevents you from scorching your meal during the cooking process. If you notice that the temperature on the Digital Thermometer Pan has risen too high, you'll know to turn down the heat before liquids or grease evaporate too quickly. This element takes a little kitchen know-how but can prove beneficial to your taste buds by not having to eat charred vittles.

After you've gorged on pancakes and syrup, it's time to clean the kitchen. How can you wash the Digital Thermometer Pan safely? The temperature display apparatus on the handle detaches from the frying pan, and since the thermoresistor sensor is housed inside the center of the frying pan, it stays protected.

Now, if only the Digital Thermometer Pan came with a robotic flapjack flipper, everyone's pancake predicaments would be finally resolved.

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