10 Things Wearables Have Taught Us About Ourselves

We Need a Coach
Most people need some motivation to reach their fitness goals. The coaching feature is one reason people use fitness bands. MILpictures by Tom Weber/Getty Images

"You call that a push up? Pick up the pace! One more lap, full speed!"

Anyone else having gym class flashbacks? The truth is that when it comes to staying motivated to exercise, we can all use a strong push. One of the greatest benefits of wearing a fitness tracking device is that it can continuously remind you of your fitness goals and motivate/guilt you into achieving them.

The UP24 from Jawbone buzzes you when you've been sitting too long. It can also push text notifications to your smartphone to scold you when you stay up past your prescribed bedtime or send you a helpful reminder not to eat that last doughnut for breakfast .

It's not all about guilt trips, though. Fitness tracking devices also send you positive feedback, congrats and kudos when you achieve goals, the virtual version of a gold star on your homework.

To step up your exercise routine, you can sign up with the Nike+ Training Club. Download more than 100 free workouts that are synced with the NikeFuel activity tracking system. It's like a gym teacher in your pocket.