10 Fun Office Toys and Gadgets


Posture Kings Rule

Let this guy boss you around.
Let this guy boss you around.
Image courtesy Gizmag

Sure, posture is important -- we all learned about it in grade school -- but who has time for it in the modern workplace? We all have deadlines to meet and schedules to keep, and optimal spinal alignment has a way of falling down the priority list. What if there were an office gadget to keep track of our posture for us?

Enter the USB Posture Alert Reminder, a palm-size monitor that plugs into your computer and sits atop the screen in front of you. Using ultrasonic waves, the device senses your position in relation to the screen and audibly berates you should you hunch too close to the monitor or recline too far away. If you start to dip too far in either direction, an LED light on the unit will give you a good flashing, so keep it straight! All of this can be yours for roughly $20.

If you're not looking to invest in another plastic hassle for the workplace, we'll explore your groovier options next.