10 Fun Office Toys and Gadgets


Buckyballs to the Walls

Fun with magnets!
Fun with magnets!
Image courtesy Amazon.com

Not to be confused with nanotechnology's molecule-sized carbon "buckyballs," Buckyballs magnetic building spheres exist on a scale that makes sense for office stress release. Available in packs of 125 for around $25 or 216 for around $35, these tiny magnetic pellets can be clustered and molded into varying shapes, from spheres to wearable jewelry. You can form them into patterns and tubes. You can buy them in silver, gold, chrome, black or various other colors, and there's even a Buckycube product for the square-minded among you.

Building with Buckyballs provides all the tactile stress release of your old squeeze ball, only with more creative freedom and the power of magnetism.

Ah, but maybe you want something a little more constructive for your office workspace. If so, then this next entry should straighten you out.